Catzilla 1.0 BETA21


  • fixed an error that occurred in case of outdated Windows drivers. Now the test is being blocked and user is redirected to drivers update page

  • fixed signing up for a newsletter in "About" tab

  • fixed an error with unproper handling of Intel HD Graphics chipset

  • after the test, results are sent to the site where you can view them without registering

  • commandLine options for the professional version
            testtype=(kitty,cat,tiger,catzilla,custom) [tiger]
            windowstate=(normal,minimized) [normal]
            result (show,file,send,log) [show] //show-only shows; file-like Save Results; send-like submit results; log-saves to log
            resultfile=path+filename [tempdir/ALLBenchmarkResult.abr];//for result=file
            close= (on,off) [off] //closes program after test
            log=path+filename []//where to save script log  (not to be confused with test log) path+name - not being created in case it is not available
            logmode=(logresults,logfull) [logfull]
            logtype=(logxml,logcsv) [logcsv]
            api=(opengl,directx) [directx]
            audio=(on,off) [on]
            vsync=(on,off) [off]
            multithread=(on,off) [on]
            test=11111 [11111]// 10000 only maintest; 01000 only test1  
            //when using custom type parameter:
            msaa=(0 to 3)
            shadowmap=(0 to 2)
            ssao=(0 to 2)
            postprocessing=(0 to 2)

    You can run all the tests from command line, using any profile and parameters.
    Test result can be sent to the account, saved to a file, saved to a log in csv or xml format. example:
    Catzilla testtype=tiger result=log logtype=logcsv logmode=logfull close=on


  • software recommendation fixed. Now correct parameters from the user's computer are shown, and he is redirected to the correct page (for example - latest nvidia drivers download page)
  • no more problems with incorect free code