NEW Catzilla 4K in 2160p and game testing

Catzilla Benchmark 4K

In connection with the latest trends, Mega Cat returns expanded to test your computer's performance in 4K resolution.
In the latest version, we have drawn conclusions from several years of previous experience and conversations with users. The presentation of test results became more simple, which at the moment are easy to read not only by professionals but also by ordinary computer users.

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Catzilla 1.4 has been released!

Catzilla 1.4 Catpocalypse

The new Catzilla is wreaking havoc in the city.
Upgrade your benchmark to Catzilla 1.4 and check the requirements for the latest games.
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Catzilla & Gigabyte OC Contest

Catzilla Gigabyte Overclockers Contest

To celebrate its new custom made skin on the Catzilla 720P benchmark, GIGABYTE is inviting the overclocking community to participate in GIGABYTE CATZILLA OC Contest. Open to all HWBOT members from June 23rd 2014 until July 21st 2014, GIGABYTE invites all Overclockers to suit up for one epic cat fight!


What is Catzilla ?

ALLBenchmark Catzilla has a chance to set a new global standard for measuring computer performance. Catzilla may be the one of the two most popular benchmarks used by gamers around the world. Catzilla on Steam

Catzilla Benchmark - test computer

Catzilla is distinguished by its impressive animation and recommendation system that allows to chose the best equipment for computer games. After the test, user receives a score and a badge indicating the power of his computer (one from 12 level certificate). This system will be especially useful for users not necessarily familiar with the technical details .




Can I Run It ?

Test your computer for running a game

Another unique feature is to test the computer to answer the question: "if this game will run on my PC?"

To test your computer for its performance in relation to the game, or so to speak, if your game can run smoothly on your computer, select from the list the game and run the test.


Catzilla Benchmark game test