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Can I Run It? Test computer for running a game.

Another unique feature is to test the computer to answer the question: "if this game will run on my PC?"

To test your computer for its performance in relation to the game, or so to speak, if your game can run smoothly on your computer, select from the list the game and run the test.

Catzilla Benchmark game test

The minimum requirements of the game are compared with your computer components during the test, and in this way you'll get an answer, whether the game will run on your computer.
Games will also be certified with badges just like computer components and computers. It will help you to decide on purchasing a game and enhance your experience of the purchase.


After testing the computer you'll obtain a badge indicating the power of your computer:


and on the site you'll get the info if you can play the game or if you need upgrade your computer:

Cazilla Benchmark - test game result