1. Go to: and download latest ALLBenchmark Catzilla.

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - manual / download

2. Install downloaded file.

3. Register on menu [MYACCOUNT/REGISTER] 

You can register with one click using your social network account (FB, Twitter, Google)

Catzilla Benchmark - social network registration

 or fill in all required fields in register form.

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - manual / register

4. At email you provided during registration, we'll send a confirmation link (if you don't see any email from us, please check SPAM folder).  Click link to confirm your registration account. (not necessary in social network registration)

5. Log in [menu MYACCOUNT]

6. Copy CODE from your profile.

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - manual / copy code

7. Run Catzilla - you can find shortcut icon on your desktop.

8. Click \\ UPGRADE \\ and in [ENTER UPGRADE CODE] paste copied from your profile CODE and press [>SEND]

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - manual / paste code


9. Go to menu \\ TEST \\ (in Catzilla program) and select >MAIN< from the left menu. Choose one of available tests and click [>RUN ALL_BENCHMARK] After the test you will receive the score and a badge, depending on the performance of your hardware. The score you get, you can send to your profile on, to or share it on facebook.

Catzilla - benchmark computer - dedicated resolutions


10. In the program go to menu \\ TEST \\ and press >CHECK GAME<

11. Select the game title from frequently tested games or from drop down menu and click [>RUN ALL_BENCHMARK]

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - can you run it ?

12. Catzilla will test your computer against a selected game. After the test you will receive a detailed report and recommendations if your computer meets requirements of a game.

Catzilla ALLBenchmark - check game result