Catzilla 1.0 BETA17


  • fixed a bug that appeared when program was shut down immediately after start
  • you don't need latest drivers anymore! The oldest supported, are from 01.01.2012
  • GPU Clock measurement has been fixed
  • in Free version now only Kitty and Cat profiles can be executed
  • in Basic version Tiger profile can be executed
  • in Advanced version Catzilla profile can be executed (when GPU has more than 1024 VRAM)
  • hardware recommendation is now available in Basic and Advanced versions
  • fixed log file server sending
  • changing from DirectX to OpenGL doesn't change test to Custom
  • fixed SLI and Crossfire information gathering
  • debug font has been disabled - BETA sign in tests are now gone!
  • full release mode build - no debug information or assertions left in the code
  • fixed a problem with driver updates when various video cards are present in the system
  • fixed a problem with video card memory calculation when various video cards are present in the system
  • currently the program checks if new version is available (once a day)
  • custom tests are enabled in Advanced and Professional licenses
  • HUD is disabled in demo mode
  • you can see your rank directly in the program


  • statistics for GPU manufacturers added