World of Warcraft: the most significant heroes of the series

World of Warcraft is very large-scale and epic. It is almost impossible to show and recognize all the characters at once. But if you want to know the most famous heroes, the fame of which goes even beyond the game itself, then in this article you can get acquainted with some of them.

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He is a great hero. His story began in the Orc clan. But all his tribe and parents were killed. He was found by people among the corpses and received this name from them. In human language “Thrall” means slave. He was raised by a human woman as a gladiator. Thereby he got knowledge of strategy and skills of battles. He grew up incredibly strong, even among the orcs (it must be admitted that he was very strong and huge). But he didn't want to serve people at all, and he didn't want to be their toy either. After trying to escape alone, he was captured and sent to jail. There he met the orcs, who told him that everyone had stopped fighting for a long time and only the leader Grommash Hellscream, the head of the Warsong clan tribe, lived at large. Thrall escaped from prison again to find Grommash. Even though Thrall's path was difficult, he was able to save the Orcs and lead them out of the camp. He became the new leader of the Orcs and their liberator. Having learned the world principle, he gained the power of a shaman. Speaking of Thrall's father, Durotan, a Warcraft movie has been made, but it's not yet entirely clear if we'll see a sequel.


Dark Titan Nameless Void (it is his current title) has a terrifying appearance of a fire demon. He used to be a hero of the Titan race, who fought evil for a long time and destroyed all dark creatures. He was tall and stately, he had a large sword Gorshalach in his hands. But in the end, he was defeated by Nathrezim, who inclined the creatures to the side of evil. So the titan Sargeras turned into a dark evil being, he began to free those creatures that he had once locked up and formed his legion from them. Even his sword tried to fight the coming evil but eventually split in two. One part of the sword also decided to go to the dark side and stayed with Sargeras, and he threw the other one away.


His fate is very complicated. His mother was the Guardian of Tirisfal, she fought Sargeras and defeated him. But he only pretended to die and transferred his spirit to her. When she decided to give birth to a child and transfer her powers to him, Sargeras immediately began poisoning his consciousness by connecting with the spirit. The name Medivh is translated from the Elvish as Keeper of Secrets. His mother wanted him to grow up and become a new protector. At the age of 14, his powers opened up, but he fell into a long coma for 20 years. And when he woke up, he started to carry out the plan. Everyone saw that something was wrong with him and tried to stop him. A guardian and an evil dark spirit fought in his soul.


At the same time, a war began between humans and orcs. An Orc envoy arrived at the castle. She spent time with Medivh and a mixed-race child was later born. Medivh's act was considered a betrayal by his allies and they decided that it was he who let the orcs into the city. His friend beheaded the magician and killed Sargeras. The war within Medivh was thus ended. His spirit was released and he was able to get out and form a new body. Since that time his mission was the destruction of evil, and he became a full-fledged Guardian.

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The Prince of Lordaeron, the heir to the throne, grew up as a glorious knight and warrior of The Silver Hand Legion. He grew up during the difficult times of the First War. And he fought valiantly for his people. Later he fell in love with the daughter of Daelin Proudmoore — the sorceress Jaina. Both he and she were young then and had to learn their art, so at first, they could not be together. But both heroes couldn't live without each other, so they decided to love each other forever. When hard times came, and there was a terrible plague on people, he and Jaina were sent to investigate the disease.


It turned out that a dark magician sends a seed to people that steals their souls, and they become the living dead. Arthas decided to defeat the magician and not let him destroy his people. Although everyone advised him to retreat, he still went on the attack. Taking the cursed sword that was supposed to defeat the enemy, he destroyed both the magician and his army, too. Returning back to his castle, Arthas killed his father with a cursed weapon and fled. The sword belonged to the Lich King, who used it to steal souls. The first soul was the soul of Prince Arthas.


It's hard to imagine how the developers of the game came up with all this. One of the reasons gamers love World of Warcraft is the amazing detail of all the historical events in the game. You can get to know each of the heroes in previous addons, or meet new ones in the latest Dragoflight expansion, which was released in 2022.